Raspberry Mojito

Publié le 19 Mars 2016

Raspberry Mojito

I really enjoy having a Mojito by the pool (who wouldn’t?) but for me, a Raspberry Mojito is just perfection.

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Raspberry Mojito

For 1 glass

- 2 to 3 cl Dark Rum (even though white Rum is usually used in the ‘real Mojito’, try Dark rum and let me know your thoughts - you’re welcome)

- 1 lime

- 10 mint leaves

- œ tablespoon cane sugar and œ tablespoon YIAH Mojito Sugar

- Raspberries (about 3 or 4 per glass)

- fizzy water

- 2 tablespoons raspberry jam

- Crushed ice

- YIAH Mojito Sugar to rim your Cocktail Glass

Raspberry Mojito

Put the mint leaves in a Cocktail glass

Raspberry Mojito

Add 2 quarters of Lime

Raspberry Mojito

Add the cane and Mojito sugars and crush lemon, mint and sugars with a pestle.

Raspberry Mojito

Add two tablespoons raspberry jam

Raspberry Mojito

Finish by adding rum, crushed ice, three to four raspberries, the two remaining limes wedges and soda water.

Stir with a spoon and serve immediately.

Summer is not finished yet
. Enjoy!

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