Corn Patties

Publié le 24 Avril 2016

Corn Patties

Kids usually love the simplest things…and so do grown ups

A total improvisation with a can of sweet corn found at the bottom of the pantry …

I have used my Thermomachine but you can use a blender.

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1 can of sweet corn (300gr)

2 eggs

35 g plain flour

3 tablespoons of oil

1 teaspoon salt

1 handful of grated cheese (optional)

Corn Patties

Put all ingredients in the bowl of the Thermomachine

Corn Patties

Blend for 30 seconds at speed 5.

Corn Patties

In a hot pan with a little oil, place a large spoonful of the preparation.

Corn Patties

Leave for a few minutes until golden and flip to cook the other side

Corn Patties

Place the patties on paper towel to remove any excess of oil

With this recipe you will get a dozen patties.

Serve warm or cold and enjoy the sweetness of the corn (I had to do another batch the following days – kids request )

Corn Patties

To YIAHrise this recipe, add a tablespoon of Cinco Pepper Enchilada dip Mix, full of Mexican flavours without the Heat...

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Corn Patties

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